Each young person has the right to obtain an education in Latvia. The education system of Latvia is defined by several education levels: preschool education, elementary education, secondary education (general secondary education or vocational secondary education), post secondary education, higher education and postgraduate studies.

To provide special support for the youth in choosing the most interesting educational institution and respective educational programmes, as well as to learn about extra educational possibilities, different websites have been created to facilitate your choice.


  • has placed information about state examinations, previous years’ state examination tasks, results of school subject olympiads and other topical information. Also follow at and at the Twitter account @visc_gov_lv.
  • Get to know all the schools of Latvian cities and districts, by acquiring topical information in the portal of Latvian schools


  • The national database of educational opportunities provides the most comprehensive educational opportunities’ guide in Latvia. Take the opportunity and fill in a career test! Follow news at the Twitter account @NIID_LV.
  • To make it easier for prospective students to orientate themselves in higher education labyrinths and to help choosing the most appropriate study programme at an early stage, a learners’ portal has been created.
  • If you are already a student, then the Latvian student portal and the homepage of Latvian Students’ Union will be more topical for you.
  • Get to know the interactive e-tool, in order to make sure that you are ready to travel abroad for learning purposes.
  • Diverse information about study options in Europe is available at the Latvian department’s homepage of Euroguidance


  • Find out everything about topical non-formal education trainings, project opportunities for realising your initiatives at the homepage of Youth International Programmes’ Agency Also follow on, Facebook homepage and at the Twitter account @JaunatneDarbiba.
  • Learn about non-formal education programme AWARD and read the news
  • Read more about various interest-related education events for the youth and the work of students’ self-governments on and follow on and at the Twitter account @visc_gov_lv.