Participation is a process, where the youth have the opportunity to participate in the decision process of relevant issues and take part in creating ongoing activities with an aim to improve their own and other people's life quality. Young people are entitled to participate in the creation and implementation of youth policy:

1) by taking part in the obtaining and conveying of non-formal education and performing voluntary work;
2) by participating in the self-governments of educational institutions
3) by creating and implementing projects, as well as other initiatives;
4) by participating in the activities of youth organisations, as well as other associations and foundations;
5) by participating in the decision-making process carried out by state and local governments regarding youth policy
6) by taking part in other activities oriented towards the facilitation of youth participation in the creation and implementation of youth policy.


  • an opportunity to spend leisure time in an interesting environment;
  • new skills, knowledge and experience;
  • enhance your self-esteem and self-confidence;
  • an opportunity to alter yours and the local society’s future;
  • an opportunity to express yourself and be heard!