Youth organisations

Youth organisation is an association that is registered in the association and foundation register, as well as in the list of youth organisations, which carries out the work with the youth. One of its defined activity goals as specified in the regulations is to promote youth initiatives and participation in decision-making and social life, where at least two thirds of the members are children and young people or several associations, where in total at least two thirds of the members are children and young people. Youth participation shall be ensured at the association board, and the procedure of this participation defined in the regulations of the association.

Youth organisations operate in various fields: environment protection, health, participation, social inclusion, youth employment, sports, etc. One of the most essential aims of a youth organisation is to create an environment, where a young person could be able to improve his/her skills and knowledge, develop personality and find associates and friends. By participating in a youth organisation, the youth have an opportunity to master, for example, the following most popular skills: project management, communication and presentation skills, intercultural and international relationships, defence of interests, etc. These skills will prove useful to every young person while searching for employment or becoming an employer, because youth organisations in particular, also pay attention to the promotion of youth initiatives and development of a can-do personality that has become a keynote in the labour market for a competitive present-day young person.

You might ask: what exactly is a youth organisation engaged in?

They are not only useful training sessions and practice for new leaders, but also an opportunity to take part in international projects, youth exchange, social and environment protection activities and camps. Youth organisations are also the main youth participation promoters, by appealing to the youth to be more active in getting involved in important decision-making, expressing their opinions and proposing ideas. Youth organisations are also the most widely spread voluntary work organisers for the youth, many of which also offer European Voluntary Service opportunities as sender organisations. Youth organisations and other non-governmental organisations help to create a civil society, where each active and involved young person plays a part in it.