European voluntary work

European Voluntary Service is the European Union non-formal education sub-programme of “Youth in Action”, which is coordinated in Latvia by the Agency for International Programs for Youth (AIPY).

Within its framework, a young person in the age group of 18 to 30 years has an opportunity to change his/her daily routine, by working as a volunteer from 2 to 12 months in one of the European Union’s or other countries in the world, getting to know its culture, inhabitants and way of life.

Engaging in the EVS, a volunteer will not earn money, although the transport costs, accommodation and subsistence costs, insurance, language courses are to be paid. Besides, also a small amount of pocket money is to be granted, its size depending on the country, where the project of the European Voluntary work takes place.

Also, Latvian organisations, institutions and establishments have a great opportunity to attract an enthusiast – a volunteer from another country, who would bring fresh ideas, provide support and work in one team with local organisation employees.         

How to get involved in the European Voluntary Service?

Step 1 – choose the field in which you would like to be a volunteer.

Step 2 – take a look on the AIPY website, paying special attention to the section „European Voluntary Service" and Accredited sender organisations".

Step 3 – make contact with one of the sender organisations either with the help of AIPY, or personally by e-mail or telephone asking all of your questions of interest.

Step 4 – follow the further instructions from the organisations and AIPY!