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Advisory Committee on Youth Affairs

Advisory Committee on Youth Affairs is a local government council's approved participation mechanism at a local level that facilitates the planning and implementation of the local government's work with the youth, as well as youth participation in decision-making.

Change of experience

A way of how experience of other people is gathered in achieving similar goals in different environments.


European Voluntary Service

European Voluntary Service (EVS) is the European Union non-formal education sub-programme of "Youth in Action" within the framework of which a young person in the age group of 18 to 30 years has an opportunity to change his/her daily routine, by working as a volunteer from 2 to 12 months in one of the European Union's or other countries in the world, getting to know its culture, inhabitants and way of life.

Experience education

A form of non-formal education that is based on the reflection and analysis of activity and emotional experience, resulting in the acquisition of new life experience and cognition.

Formal education

Education system, which comprises of elementary education, secondary education and higher education levels. The acquisition of programmes is acknowledged by the state approved education or professional qualification certificate, as well as education and professional qualification certificate. Formal education is acquired at accredited educational institutions.

Further education

Continuation of former education and improvement of professional skills according to vocational demands.


Refers to which social groups an individual realises he/she belongs to, by answering the question "Who am I?"

Intercultural education

Systematised development process of individual knowledge, skill acquisition and attitudes in relation to the interaction of various cultures.

Interest-related education (hobby education)

Interest-related education (hobby education) is the realisation of individual educational needs and the desires of a person regardless of age and previously acquired education. Interest-related education gives an opportunity to spend leisure time outside of a formal educational institution in a meaningful way. Within the process of interest-related education individual interests and talents are improved – the ability to dance, to sing, to play a musical instrument, to paint, to do sports or environmental research, etc. Interest-related education is voluntary.

List of youth organisations

The list of youth organisations includes associations, which carry out the work with the youth and where one of their defined activity goals as stated in the regulations is to promote youth initiatives and participation in decision-making and social life, where at least two thirds of the members are children and young people or several associations, where in total at least two thirds of the members are children and young people. Youth participation shall be ensured at the association board, and the procedure of this participation is specified in the regulations of the association. The holder of the List of youth organisations is the Ministry of Education and Science.