Youth policy in local governments

One of local government's functions is planning and realising youth work, by taking into consideration the basic principles of youth policy and the documentation for the planning of state youth policy development. According to Youth Law, local governments plan local work with the youth, creating the documentation of local government youth policy (for example, youth work strategy). It is essential that the local youth also participate in the creation of such a document, proposing their ideas to the local government youth policy's vision, priorities or tasks that will directly affect youth daily life and their activities in the local government in the long run.

At the beginning of 2012, the youth work strategy was already created in 18 local governments, in 50 local governments the strategy is in the process of being created and in 51 local governments the creation of the strategy has not yet started.

If you are young and active, certainly also visit the homepage of your local government and find out how to get involved. It is worth paying attention to whether there is a special section for the youth on the local government's homepage which over recent years is not uncommon in many local governments' homepages. If you still have not found the answers that you are looking for, you also have an opportunity to get in contact with knowledgeable persons. Each local government creates its own institutional system for youth work, by appointing the responsible institution or responsible employees for realising youth work. A local government is authorised to recruit a specialist on youth affairs, establish a youth centre, Advisory Committee on Youth Affairs or Youth Council. A different procedure can also be scheduled.