Youth work

Youth work is a set of planned youth-oriented practical measures, which ensure the improvement of youth quality of life. The main tasks of the youth work are as follows: 1) to support and promote youth initiatives, creating favourable conditions for their intellectual and creative development; 2) to provide the youth with the opportunity to obtain necessary skills, knowledge and competencies for life with the help of non-formal education; 3) to ensure the youth the opportunity for useful utilisation of their leisure time; 4) to provide the youth with information accessibility necessary for their development needs.

Youth work is realised by state administration and local government institutions, associations and foundations, including youth organisations, youth initiative groups, etc. in accordance with different youth policy fields.

According to Youth Law, the institutional system for youth work is comprised of:

Specialist on Youth Affairs - a person, who is in charge of planning, managing and coordinating work with the youth. A Specialist on Youth Affairs cooperates with the persons involved in youth policy implementation, works out proposals for the development of youth policy, carries out and coordinates informative and educational events, projects and programmes in the field of youth policy, facilitates youth civic education, promotes youth voluntary work, participation in decision-making and social life, provides consultations for the youth in the field of youth policy, including the creation and realisation of projects and programmes, as well as stimulates the development of youth personality. 

Youth centre - a place, which is created as a friendly, open and supportive environment for the youth, providing opportunities to jointly spend meaningful leisure time, acquire current information and get help for various situations in life, also in connection with creating and carrying out projects, solving conflicts, etc.

Youth council - one of the youth participation forms in local government that promotes cooperation of local government youth, youth participation in local government's decision-making process, change of experience and initiatives. The Youth council consists of educational self-government, the youth initiative group and youth organisation representatives.

Advisory Committee on Youth Affairs - a local government council's approved participation mechanism at a local level that facilitates the planning and implementation of the local government's work with the youth, as well as youth participation in decision-making.

Young people are the most active, enterprising and curious part of society, who very often spend their energy and potential in activities that are useless or even harmful to health and society. Young people are the most fragile and unprotected part of society that can be subjected to various social economic risks, for example, unemployment, difficulties to set up their own family, etc. Therefore the aim of youth work is to create an environment for successful inclusion within society for the youth, providing opportunities for developing their mental and physical potential, mastering skills, knowledge and competencies and establishing young people as active members of society. Youth work is a road sign towards a secure and challenging future!