Youth & The World

Promotion of the Integration Support System for Third - country Young National's - this is the name of the project, which have been realized during this spring and summer by the Ministry of Education and Science within framework of the European Third - country National's Integration Fund Programme of 2012 (Contract No. IF/2010/1.3./01). Its aim – to provide information and individual support to young third-country nationals, who are residents of Latvia – pupils and students, so that they could better understand the cultural environment of Latvia, become friends with the local youth and feel secure and satisfied with life in Latvia.

Within the framework of the project, the youth policy portal has been developed, which currently gathers not only the most recent information about youth policy and youth opportunities, but has also become an interactive online support and information resource to the young third-country nationals in English and Russian.

The portal is created in a youth friendly and comprehensible language with an opportunity to learn Latvian lexicon, by using English-Latvian and Russian-Latvian dictionary of phrases available in the portal in 13 thematic directions.  The portal www. jaunatneslietas. lv has created a special section “Youth & The World” for young third-country nationals, by gathering the most important information about Latvia in order to become more familiar with it; previously created methodological and informative materials are available here, that can be useful not only for young people, but also for support personnel, which is daily working or encountering with young third-country nationals.

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  • be open, friendly, support and encourage;
  • help solve his/her problems;
  • empower;
  • find out his/her interests and skills;
  • create support groups;
  • teach people, who could later help them, create a reception and information centre for foreigners;
  • suggest leisure time activities;
  • tell about Latvia, its traditions, culture;
  • show the most beautiful places in Latvia;
  • go together to the State Employment Agency in order to help find a job;
  • tell about the opportunities to learn the Latvian language;
  • give money if necessary – support financially;
  • help to get to know the city and nearest surroundings of his/her place of residence;
  • change the stereotypes about the third-country inhabitants in the eyes of other peers; TALK;
  • help to understand that one has to go and talk and try to integrate;
  • invite to the school, participate in entertainments, go cycling together, swim, practice yoga;
  • go to the youth organisation and get involved in some of its events;
  • invite to some educational, interesting event.

(opinions of the participants of Talsi seminar)