About Latvia in Brief

International designation of the country: LV
Date of foundation: 18th November, 1918 

Coat of Arms of the Republic of Latvia

gerbonis LV

Flag of the Republic of Latvia

lv karogs


Location: Latvia is situated in the north-eastern part of Europe by the Baltic Sea
Latvian area: 64 589 kv.km or 24,938 sq. miles
National anthem: God Bless Latvia!
Political system: Parliamentary Republic
National Parliament: Cabinet with 100 elected members
The President: Mr. Andris Bērziņš (since the 2011th year 8 July)


Official language: Latvian
Population: 2,217,053 (2012)
Capital City: Riga (population – 723, 931)
Administrative territorial division: 109 counties and 9 cities
Traditionally divided into 4 regions − Vidzeme, Latgale, Kurzeme and Zemgale
Largest cities: Riga, Daugavpils, Liepaja
Ethnic composition: 62.1% Latvians, 26.9% Russians, 3.3% Byelorussians, 2.2% Ukrainians, Poles 2.2%, 1.2% Lithuanians, 2.1% other. (2011)


Source: http://www.latvia.travel/lv, http://lv.wikipedia.org/wiki/Latvija


Currency: lats (LVL), 1 lats = 100 santims
Time zone: GMT (Greenwich Mean Time) +2, from April to November - GMT +3
Internet domain: .lv
International phone code: +371

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