balta cielavaarnis dimperans

White Wagtail – Latvia's national bird


Ordinary marguerite or daisy − Latvia's national flower

Latvia is a country of splendid and diverse landscape. Coniferous and mixed forests cover 45% of the territory. The most common trees in Latvia's forests are pine, birch and fir. The largest forest areas can be found in the northern part of Kurzeme. Here you can fully enjoy the beauty and uniqueness of nature untouched by man. Latvia stands out with a great diversity of flora and fauna (with around 27.7 thousand species). There are animals such as wild boar, moose, wolves, beavers, hares, roe deer, red deer, foxes - currently in Latvia approximately 13 000 species can be found. Around the fields, forests and waters there are also about 360 species of birds. Large and small, mottled, bright, plain, they are all busy singing, jumping and flying giving the Latvian landscape a specific character, the mood of the time.

Latvia's fish fauna is diverse. In Latvia's waters over 70 species of fish have been recorded such as perch, pike, sander, catfish and others.

Source: http://www.latvia.travel/lv/flora-un-fauna