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National Culture Associations

Nationality Organization Contacts
Armenians Armenian Cultural Center in Latvia

Azerbaijanis Association of Azerbaijanis in Latvia "Azeri"

Africans Afro Latvian Association AfroLat

Christopher Ejugbo, 29650428, Rīga, This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.
 Arabs  Arab Cultural Center
 Byelorussians Jewish Community of  Latvia

 Jewish society "Shamir"
 Georgians  Culture Center of Kazakhstan in Latvia "Suamir"
 Russians Moscow House
Society of Russian Culture in Latvia
 Moldavians  Tatar - Bashkir cultural association in Latvia "CISM"
Ukrainian Society Association in Latvia

Uzbek Cultural Center in Latvia

Youth organizations

For information on youth organizations view here. Below see the list of youth organizations working with young people – representatives of ethnic minorities or young people from other countries.

 Organizations for support and information