Mobility resources

The implementation of the youth policy in Latvia is based on seven basic principles, one of them being the principle of mobility and international cooperation. What does mobility mean and why it is important? Mobility gives a chance for young people to do research or voluntary work in various countries – near or faraway. Doing this, they not only get to know the other countries' culture and people but also gain new knowledge and skills being parted from their usual environment, thus getting good practice and exchanging experiences with their peers. The obtained experience and knowledge will increase the youngsters' competitiveness in the job market and open new possibilities.

European Union programmes

Currently a lot of chances of mobility are available to the youngsters from Latvia. The citizens of Latvia are offered international mobility programmes, such as Comenius, Erasmus, Leonardo da Vinci, Grundtvig, Jean Monnet, Tempus, Erasmus Mundus, Culture and Europe for Citizens. More information:

Latvia's youngsters can join the program "Youth in Action", which contributes to the youth mobility in Europe. The program "Youth in Action" is one of the most important EU tools to enhance international cooperation and youth mobility. More information:

European Commission programmes

The European Commission actively supports the youth's cooperation and initiative, providing opportunities to take part in various experience exchanging activities. The European Commission Directorate of the Youth and Sports organises events on a regular basis, thus constantly updating the information on current events in the field of youth policy. More information:

Within the frames of the European Union and European Commission Youth partnership programme 2010 – 2013 youth mobility activities are foreseen, putting a special emphasis on the cooperation with south-eastern Europe, eastern Europe, the Caucasus region, south Mediterranean and African countries. More information:

Other programmes

International Latvia – Japan Youth Development Exchange Programme

Since 2006, Latvia's youngsters can take part in the International Youth Development Exchange Programme between Latvia and Japan. Within the programme young people from Latvia and Japan go for mutual exchange visits aiming to establish better comprehension and friendship between the youth of the two countries. Youngsters participate in international conferences and discussion forums, visit governmental and municipality institutions, as well as study the culture and history of Latvia and Japan. More information:

Nordplus Youth Education programme

Nordplus youth programme supports various activities within the field of school education in the North and Baltic region, such as class excursions, pupils' practice placements, project development, teachers' exchange and other types of projects aiming to improve the quality of education and enhance the multi-cultural dialogue. More information: